Vote Mike Bloom for Oneida County Circuit Court Judge, Rhinelander, WI

“District Attorney Mike Bloom is the clear choice for Oneida County Circuit Court Judge. He is smart, hardworking, and unflappable. As a former circuit court judge, I am aware that 60% or more of the job is handling criminal, traffic and juvenile delinquency cases. Only a handful of attorneys in the area have Mike Bloom’s experience with these types of cases. In addition to his extensive legal experience, he is community-minded. He has lived in our community for two decades and has chosen to raise his family here. He has unselfishly given of his time to a number of community activities, including the YMCA of the Northwoods and the Rhinelander High School Mock Trial Team. In my opinion, Mike Bloom is the clear choice for Oneida County Circuit Court Judge.”

Hon. Robert E. Kinney
Oneida County Circuit Court (retired)

“I have always been impressed with Mike Bloom's work. His cases are well researched, well prepared and well presented. He is a strong advocate who also has the ability to listen and respect the views of others. His intelligence, judgment and demeanor will make him a fine judge for Oneida County.”

Hon. Neal A. Nielsen, III
Vilas County Circuit Court

“Mike has more than a decade of day-to-day working experience in the Oneida County Court system. He has worked as a public defender, private attorney and, most recently, as District Attorney. In those capacities as both defense counsel and prosecutor, he has demonstrated sound judgment, fairness and tenacity in his pursuit of justice. Mike's combination of experience and solid legal judgment will serve him well as Oneida County Circuit Court Judge. We need a strong, independent judge like Mike Bloom sitting on the Circuit Court bench in Oneida County.”

Craig Zarley
Journalist, Former Industry Editor

“A judge should have strong personal values; dedication and commitment to family, community and profession; sound judgment; intelligence and analytic skills; exceptional work ethic; a high energy level; broad legal knowledge and experience; respect for others; and outstanding communication skills. My evaluation leads me to one candidate as my clear choice for Oneida County Circuit Judge. So I am voting for Mike Bloom, our current District Attorney. Mike will be an excellent judge for Oneida County.”

Mel Davidson
Former General Manager
Rhinelander Paper Mill

“I have been in Law Enforcement for the last 20 years and have known Mike Bloom professionally since. I know Mike Bloom to be a very hard working, conscientious and knowledgeable attorney. Mr. Bloom has always demonstrated both dedication and devotion as both a defense attorney and prosecutor. I feel that Mike Bloom will do an excellent job serving the citizens of Oneida County as their Judge.”

Sheriff John Dennee
Forest County Sheriff

“I have observed Mike as a public defender and prosecutor and feel he has the temperament, knowledge and compassion to be an effective Oneida County Circuit Court Judge. Mike possesses the ability to dispense justice in such a way as to hold the offender accountable, recognize when rehabilitation is warranted and be an advocate for the victim. He has my vote.”

John A. Larson
Probation & Parole Agent (retired)

“For the past 18 years, Mike Bloom has served as an attorney-coach of the Rhinelander High School Mock Trial team. During that time, the team has won the State Tournament ten times, more than any other school in Wisconsin. Our success is due, in large measure, to Mike’s outstanding legal expertise. During Mike’s time with the team, our students have always been well versed in the rules of evidence and courtroom procedure and well prepared to argue both sides of a given case. Mike’s experience as a public defender, civil lawyer and district attorney has proven to be invaluable. Mike is a person with strong moral convictions who is honest, hardworking, and dependable. In my opinion, he has the character, work ethic, and experience to be an excellent circuit court judge.”

Kathy Vick-Martini
Mock Trial Teacher Coach
Rhinelander High School

“I have personally known and worked with Mike Bloom for nearly twenty years. I am proud to wholeheartedly endorse him for Oneida County Circuit Court Judge. Over the years I have known him, Mike has fashioned a superlative reputation as a skilled and competent trial lawyer of the highest ethical standards. Mike Bloom possesses a courtroom demeanor consistent with that of a trial judge. He also has the breadth of experience to preside with knowledge, integrity and fair judgment over the entire spectrum of cases that come before a Circuit Court Judge. In my opinion, Mike Bloom is the clear choice for Oneida County Circuit Court Judge.”

Jerry Gibson
Captain, Forest County Sheriff’s Department (retired)
Dean of Instruction, Nicolet College (retired)

“I met Mike Bloom when I was a member of the Rhinelander High School mock trial team and he was the attorney-coach. Mike has exceptional knowledge and skill when it comes to the rules of evidence and courtroom procedure. He has the ability to translate the complexities of the law into simple, everyday speech so that laypeople can understand it. Perhaps most importantly, as a coach Mike set an example for character and honesty. I believe that he would make an excellent judge.”

Riley Catlin
Rhinelander High School, 2005
Harvard University, 2009

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